Become a researcher in Korea

A year ago, I was going to graduate from my graduate study in Seoul National University of Science and Technology (Seoultech). For several reasons, I wanted to stay longer in (South) Korea after graduated. The most important reason was because I wanted to get married soon, and my fiance (actually we weren’t engaged yet) was still studying in Korea too. My parents and I believed that long distance relationship after marriage was a very bad idea.

Looking for a job in Korea was not easy. My professor said so too. I tried to apply to many companies, most of them did not even reply anything. In the end, the one invited me to an interview was a start-up company located in Paju city, a small city near Seoul. The company mainly works in software area, while I was more a hardware fresh-graduate engineer. The interview was going well, as well as the programming test. They decided to hire me and would help me regarding the VISA issuance. Continue reading


Birthday Present : Dobongsan Winter Hiking

I have always wanted to go hiking in all four seasons. I have gone in the spring, summer and autumn, not always the best time for each season though. Winter was the one remained. I planned last year to Hallasan, Jeju, but a plan was just a plan back then. I posted in my instagram a picture with caption “I have a wish to see snow covered #Seoraksan #설악산 before turning 25.” Why before 25? Because this year probably my last year in Korea, and i doubted any snow after my birthday.

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The Devil

“I would like to know myself who killed her” said Huish. “From all i can make out, she was a fine type of woman. She has done a lot for people. For unlucky children, for all sort of charities. She’s the sort of person that oughtn’t to have been killed. Yes. I’d like to know. Even if we can never get enough evidence to satisty the D.P.P. I’d still like to know.”

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Autumn Seoul

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

Albert Camus

For me, the best place to enjoy autumn scenery is the mountain. There are many mountains in Korea, even in Seoul. The best ones they considered them as National Park. They offer some kind of magnificent view that i can only find there. I went to a Dobongsan, Bukhansan, Gwanaksan and Naejangsan this autumn, but not every time i can find the view i expected. Continue reading


After day after day checking instagram hashtag #내장산 or #naejangsan hoping it wouldn’t be too late, the day had finally come, 2014-11-08.  I woke up early, at 3.00 am, prepared everything, and searched for some important information. While doing so, I already pictured myself in a smooth journey. 3 hours bus ride, some hours hike while enjoying the great autumn scene end and 3 hours bus ride back. Everything’s smooth. I was wrong. Continue reading


24 kilometers in 18 hours walking. Started at 2:00 AM finished at 8:00 PM. 4 men looking for one of the most beautiful autumn leaves scenery in Korea. Splendid view. Awesome journey.

That’s what’s written in my friend’s Seoraksan Facebook album. For all the intention to celebrate my first year “hiking debut”, (it’s been late) the story goes like this. Continue reading